IHS Soccer Booster Club Scholarship Info

All scholarships are issued through Frisco Education Foundation.  Eligibility requirements include the completion of the FEF Scholarship Application Form which will be available for current seniors starting late November of each year.  The deadline to submit will be in December of each year. In addition, applicant must meet the following requirements to be eligible for consideration: 

1. Must be a graduating senior and plan to use the scholarship for certified continuing education (college, junior college, trade school or vocational school);

2. Must have played at least two years of junior varsity or varsity high school soccer and currently be a rostered player on the soccer team;

3. Must be a current member in good standing of the Booster Club and must have been a member in good standing for at least a total of two years;

4. Must have maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2 as of the end of the fall semester of the current school year; 

5. Must have 25+ in community service hours. 

Exception: Any eligible scholarship applicant that transfers in and is eligible to play under UIL guidelines for their senior year, is a rostered player on the soccer team, and a member in good standing of the Booster Club may be eligible for consideration for a scholarship.